Categories of Roof Hatches

You can find the safest means to access your roof by choosing the best roof hatch that meets your requirements. With the multiple varieties of roof hatches available in the market, you can be able to select the best type; however, it is an overwhelming task. Whether it is the maintenance issues or the ease of installation, it still can be confusing to select the right roof hatch. The roof hatch can be applied for different places including an office building, factories, shopping centers and storage facilities that require access to the roof. The content below will help you understand the available options for the roof hatches.


roofPersonnel Access

This category includes the roof access for individuals. It is ideal for the general maintenance of the roof, especially at our homes. The hatches available under this option are usually smaller starting from a size of 600 by 600 as a minimum dimension to a maximum of 900 by 750. You need to consider the size of your roof before you install the recommended size of the roof hatch. This range of size allows you to have enough space to use the most appropriate ladder when you access the roof for domestic purposes.



Equipment Access

The roof hatches for equipment access are usually larger compared to personnel access. The large space is specified to allow you to move stuff to and from the roof conveniently. It has different operation options, that is, electrical operation and manual opening depending on the size of the roof hatch. If the roof hatch has an electric operation, a wall switch under the stairs is used to control access to the roof for easy movement especially when you have heavy equipment.


roofingSliding Access

The traditional roof hatches open vertically using a spring or the actuator, and it is the ideal in the majority of the applications because of ease to use and less costly. The sliding roof hatch is different; the operation is based on a horizontal sliding mechanism to provide a maximum clear opening since there are no actuators that obstruct the access to the roof. This category of roof hatches uses the internal telescopic rails or the externally fixed rails to open horizontally. The roof hatches in this category are applied in tall buildings with high wind load that have a restricted headspace. They are also ideal for accessing the roof terraces as a unique architecture aspect.

In conclusion, it is important to specify the most effective roof hatches depending on your activities and the size of the building. Roof hatches are the safest means of accessing the roof; therefore, the contractors should consider installing the right category of roof hatches by considering the intended purpose. If you are not sure of the right roof hatch to install in your building, you can search further information that is required from the manufacturers who will assist in the specification process and identify the appropriate product that meets your requirements. Lastly, when you are installing the roof hatch access, you should also mind about thermal insulation.…